How to try to allergy proof your home

How to try to allergy-proof your home

Not sure why it seems but the older I get the more I seem to notice the change in weather, my dogs, and the change of the seasons. I have a chocolate and a yellow lab that roam the home. Here are a few tips I have picked up over the years.

1. Place a door matt at your home; some say add a second one to catch anything the first one may have missed. I have a front door matt and like my tile floors however I may move one of the few placed rugs at the front door to help for the rain we are expecting. The first defense would be some mats at the point of entry, so repeat if you have a backdoor/ slider

2. What type of Vacuum you have could make a difference as well. At home I have rainbow that keeps the dust super lower because the filter is water and at work we have a Dyson with cyclone technology. I don’t see any dust out of either so they both seem to work well to keep things from floating around while you clean.

3. Replace your heater filter once a year. I live in a very mild climate and rarely do we use our heater. I have read many articles that state for you to replace those once a year. I would think if you run your AC a lot you would want to change it more often. This is just another way to make sure the lint/ dust in that doesn’t enter your heater but also for sending all around your home. If you are looking to have your furnace clean or inspected I have worked with Tom at Coastal Air for many years.

4. Watch for moisture issues: For me my biggest spot to watch is the bathroom; however the kitchen could be a spot for moisture issues and mold to grow. I don’t live in a very humid area, however close to the beach we do have damp mornings and can cause dark substance to grow on concrete where it always gets wet on the exterior of the home. If you are like me and like the fresh air, however just realize if your open window is near a spot that may have some moisture.

5. I have blinds over curtains as I find for me they can be dated and dark. Curtains to me always seem to be another area in a home that just collect dust over time like your lamp shades do. Plus the home feels brighter and more open in my experience. If you are looking for window blinds and other home interior items check out House 2 Home Interiors in Arroyo Grande near Ace Hardware.

6. I think most of us have lived in a home with carpet with pets. I would say that would be the first way to remove a lot of the allergies in a home is to say out with the carpet and in with wood or tile. If you are looking for wood check out This is my brothers business and is the one who installed my floors.

Like you, I live in the Central Coast and I hope my tips can help you try to allergy-proof your home. – James Outland Jr.

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