1173 Pinewood Drive Cambria CA 93428 My showing Experience.

My showing Experience:

What I love about the streets around this home is that some of the parcels look very usable compared to others in the Cambria area. You often find homes that are built off a hillside, where this area just has a good feel. Drive it and see what you think. While on the tour of looking at the home I found that the street to be very active with neighbors walking the street, enjoying the beautiful coastal influenced weather.

I liked the half circular driveway as you could not only fit more cars, it made for easy access. I think for daily life this is a very nice driveway.

My situation was probably a bit different than most, I had show it to a person in a wheelchair. How did we do it? The property has a gate on the right side and I was able to roll them around to the back door. I didn’t measure but it had around a 5″ lift to get the wheelchair up and into the home. I liked the fact the home has access for those in a wheelchair if needed. I’m sure a ramp could be added for ease of access in the future for a homeowner. While inside the home is very clean, very well up kept. The home had also been updated along the way. The home featured vaulted ceilings and nice floors, not sound repetitive but it has a good feel. We were able to roll around the complete house so all the doors could allow for the wheelchair, however the doors we had to be very careful not to bump them.

Another nugget I see is the home is showing as a two bedroom online, however, if you do require a three bedroom look at the front room as you go in the entry. Now, if a closet was framed in or an armoire was used it may meet someone’s needs if you are in need of a three bedroom home in Cambria. I’m not familiar with how easy or not the Town of Cambria is with the addition of a bedroom to a current structure, so if that is you please contact the Town of Cambria.

The backyard like the home was well kept on my visit. In the backyard is a little shed that could be a great spot if you like to garden or are wanting a little spot to tinker.

The garage has tall vaulted like ceilings and the landing provides additional storage room.

My experience was the home showed very well.

Did you know I listed Nitt Witt Ridge?

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