Tehachapi, California

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Tehachapi is a small mountain town somewhat hidden from the So Cal public, Geographically off the general public vacation paths. It is on hwy 58 connecting the San Joaquin valley with the Mojave desert. With a very busy stretch of track needing to take on wood and water tehachapi was born. The mild climate and clean air has made it a welcome relief for commuters out of its neighboring communities escaping desert and valley heat. It’s close proximity to the major metropolitan areas have attracted retirees for decades. Low housing cost and crime rates along with your
choice of neighborhoods from country to small town.
One hour from two major cities but a few big box stores such as Home Depot, Wall Mart, K Mart, and most every fast food with many fine privately owned restaurants. A new Adventist health hospital and a many fine medical services. An active community with many athletic organizations that have vast parental participation that operates often without and government assistance. An active arts community with 2 orchestras, 2 art gallery’s, a performing arts theater, 2 museums, and 3 wine tasting rooms, a farmers market, several u-pick orchards, several organic fruit and veggies stands.
The Tehachapi Valley area has several areas to meet the desires of almost everyone. Small town neighborhoods, acreage neighborhoods, close to town small acreage, wind protected small acreage in the oaks. Many details of each of these areas are in the tehachapi valley section.
Brite valley is a small valley overlooking Brite lake with mostly 5 acre lots and houses.
Alpine forest lives up to its name with many steep lots in the pines. Houses and a abundant supply of lots even off grid away from it all properties.
Cummings valley is about 12 minutes from town with a robust farming community, several 20 acre parcels and a multitude of 2-1/2 acre ones. Horse ranches abound in a fertile valley atmosphere.
Stallion Springs is a community with many amenities about 20 min from town with a mountain atmosphere boasting a variety of lots and houses many with spectacular views.
Bear Valley Springs is the only gated community and is about 15-30 min from town. It’s got an aggressive community service district providing top notch county club and golf course, best horse trails in the state, two fishing Lakes and pristinely kept properties. 1 acre lots and houses abound with several larger properties. Many wind protected areas are available, along with valley properties with large oaks to mountain top areas with tall pines.
Sand canyon is a large community sparsely populated about 10-20 min east of town. The terrain is a blend of desert and juniper trees in scant supply. They have done a good job of keeping the windmills out of site.

History of the Tehachapi area by Wikipedia

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