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I service the REO and Distressed Real Estate markets for San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara County. I work with asset management companies and asset managers on a variety of properties and tasks. If you are looking for an agent to complete a broker price opinion (BPO) or a property inspection, please email me James@Outlandinc.com. If you are looking to take an asset to auction, I know of the auction systems below and have worked on most of them for representing either a seller, buyers and at times both creating a dual agency.

Since 2001 I have closed over 800 Central Coast properties that include; Single-family homes, Income property, Units, Lots, and Commercial properties. My experience also includes working with some of the Nations mortgage insurance companies to help aid in the sale and disposition of assets. My mother JoAnn Outland is currently a Local Listing Broker for HUD assets in San Luis Obispo County, so I have had the opportunity to work with her on HUD-owned assets. If you would like to request a copy of my Brokers license (01314390), E&O, or resume with my zip code coverage area, please email James@Outlandinc.com.

In my years of working with bank-owned property and HUD-owned homes, we have worked on a lot of strategic marketing and have forged relationships with realtor.com and Zillow for the enhanced listing packages. I can create a custom message to send to Real Estate Agents and Brokers in my MLS, either about the REO Process or properties via the Bomb Bomb Platform. If you are a vendor manager and would like me to send you a custom Bomb Bomb message just let me know. I am helping to educate not only the consumer but local agents about the REO process. Working with may clients in the past teaches them to see the difference in the process between the (REO) Real Estate owned, short sale or traditional sale.

Working in the default industry has given me experience in working cash for keys. If cash for keys fails (CFK), I also attending court trials for clients to help aid in the eviction process. Once an eviction is over, I work with National Field service vendors or my local locksmiths to help secure the asset. Working in the default industry on REO and distressed assets, I’ve been able to get a network of preferred partner Vendors over the last decade. Also, my established vendors have been able to help assist me with contractor bids, trash outs estimates, and many industry-specific bids. We were once able to save over ten thousand dollars over a field service vendor with a local vendor to remove massive trees. I have attended the Five Star, REO brokers, NRBA, LPS (2007), Keystone, IMN, and many clients and industry-specific conferences for the default industry. Recently I was featured as one of four guest speakers to talk about the latest technology and schema data.

Where can you find me? You can find me on sites like Exceleras, Res.net Equator, and many others. I also have a profile on REO network.com if you have any default, distressed or REO properties in San Luis Obispo or Northern Santa Barbara County.

Let me help you find me online, if you don’t see me in a portal please advise me how to sign up: James@Outlandinc.com

www.Equator ID: 172645
www.Res.net ID: 39361

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James Outland Jr, 805-748-2262 Mobile, James@Outlandinc.com DRE#01314390

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