Did you prepare your home for sale?

Getting your home ready can take time so the sooner you start the sooner you’ll be ready to get it sold. I have a few pointers that I will share:

  1. Go online and see how homes in your price range compare! See what current home buyers will be viewing. Will your home look better than the competition?
  2. Drive by homes and look at your home compared to your street, would you buy it back again?
  3. First impressions at the curb, in the house and back yard, are big for buyers. It might be time to add a touch of color to the yard, fresh paint in the interior and more.
  4. Remove distractions, family photos, polarizing items and pack anything that looks like clutter. We want a buyer to visualize how they want to make your property home sweet home.
  5. To what level should I go, that depends on your time, ability and situation, but do what you can. I think most people understand homes are lived in, but let’s work together on any details.
  6. Family or important items, my recommendation is if you love it and want it is to remove it. I have seen too often where buyers love the house but want an item a seller will not part with! Help me help you avoid those issues before you list.
  7. I love pets, it’s why I support CASADA, not everyone is a fan of animals, especially of a house. We need a plan to work with the agents and pets.
  8. Super simple, but make sure all your lights are working, light and bright will help with images and give a home a more positive feel. I should say bright feels more open especially on dark walls make homes feel closed in and small. If you have started to move to LED may change them all to LED so can use that to best market your home.
  9. The smell, do what is needed to remove any odors, people want a home to smell fresh.
  10. Each home is different, however adding flowers, decorative towels, etc to help enhance the staging of a home. You can hire a professional or go full HGTV.
  11. Homes show better vacant in my experience as buyers feel more comfortable. Have a showing plan, walk the dog, go for a stroll, run errands, etc.
  12. Now that you are ready! Time for Professional photos baby! Central Coast Matterport 3D Tours, see my portfolio.


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