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God promises to fix everything

Chapter one:  ignorance is curable

   A.  We tend to look for solutions that we can have control over in free countries.  Elections, courts, police….

   B.    It’s not honest nor smart to leave God’s written promises out of the solution. 

   C.  Sometimes it’s extremely hard to pry people loose from their perceptions with even the best of factual arguments.   Most people give up because of the natural difficulty.   I’ve done it myself many times, but I’ve discovered something that works every time.   Abiding in Christ is the only solution, and the results and timing varies but to trust Christ completely to talk or pray through us gives the greatest power of the universe the most opportunity to change that person.   I’m convinced that the average person is still hungry for Christ to show Himself to them in another person.  Not with a canned message but a Christian fully relying on Christ Himself.   Once on a very cold day we were going door to door sharing Christ with amazing success but not wanting to brave the cold.  So it was revealed to me that the most timid amongst us should start the opening introduction.  So as the man in just pants and tee shirt came to the door with lots of company behind him, our timid teen introduced us with much stammering and nervousness.  It was wonderful the man was so relieved that someone with a canned message wasn’t at his door and who could be intimidated with that introduction, that he steps outside and closes the door behind him for about 10 minutes.    It’s amazing how many hard hearts I’ve seen open simply by abiding in Christ.   Once I was shocked to hear the words rejecting Christ from such a fine young man after we had such a great conversation.   My only thought was to politely say goodbye and walk away.   As I got about 6 feet away the Lord said go back and tell him that I will grant him a private appointment with him based on Isaiah 1:18.

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